It's Been a Minute

Sweet babies. My loves. Honeybees. All of my GLORIOUS FOLLOWERS.

Hi, two people who might actually read this. Not that I do this for people to read (just kidding - I'm all about the fame. Please like and subscribe.)

I just wanted to take a second and write on here.

It's been quite the year already, two months in. I have started selling my cookies to two different places, making custom orders (one of which went to a hero of mine as a thank you gift from my boss). I'm working on my OWN recipes that I am CREATING (holy shit). And I'm really happy. 

There are a million other rad work things we could talk about, but that's all anyone ever talks about. "Where do you work?", "How's work?", "I'm so tired from work." So let's all shut the fuck up about it for a second and listen to more shit about ME.

So you all know about the garbage fucking relationship that I was in just a few months ago. Woah. Now that I'm thinking about it it's been 8 months!! Fucking AMAZING. 8 months that I have been free, and not abused. Verrrrry chill. 

Reflecting on it has been happening a lot recently though. Especially because I met this other guy. Like a real man who doesn't want to kick people down and keep kicking. 

He's this brilliant, HILARIOUS, sweet, thoughtful guy who just is the most wonderful thing. He actually wants me to be happy. Like when I go out he says to "have fun, and be safe!" instead of "I can't fucking believe you. You just want guys to come up to you". It's insane. 

I was really, really not trusting men much after my last boyfriend. I had a handful of men in my life who showed me that it would all be okay and that most guys were actually super chill, and good, and kind, but I was (and definitely still am) kinda fucked from this last dude. He made me feel like I was never allowed to have fun, or be happy, or do anything without him.

This new guy's different. 

Now, of course I'm not living my life just depending on guy after guy (lawl, for sure am), but it's so fucking refreshing to have a dude care about me wholesomely and not in a possessive, and threatening way.

It's really fucking exciting and cool. I can feel myself kind of holding back because I don't know if I'm really ready for another relationship, but who the fuck knows, dude? Life is way too fucking short to be nervous about saying "I have a boyfriend".


I'll keep y'all updated. 

Okay, baaaiiii!!!

Actually Working

Hi, sweet angel babes.

I've been working like a motherfucker. Sure, it's just been baking, but I'll tell you what- it sure takes it the fuck out of you.

I've challenged myself to bake something new every day of the week.

Monday was Apple Pie (pretty great), Tuesday Hostess Creme Cupcakes (could have for sure been better but the creme was fucking amazing), Wednesday was vegan cookies (for my roommate. They were very okay.), Thursday we got some other thing that I'm not remembering. And today I made decadent as fuck chocolate cake with cute little words on it. 

I'm working pretty fucking hard to make my dream happen, and the only way I can do that that I know of is by baking shit, and putting it up on Instagram.

If y'all have any other ideas - you let me know. 

But in the mean time go check-out the "food" portion of my site.

Love y'all!!


Okay, baaaiii!!!


Woah. What a, like, vague title. 

I don't mean editing my life or anything. But my boss has been teaching me about video editing, and I fucking LOVE it. It's super complex and not easy, but I can see it becoming something I really like. 

It's definitely not something I can afford at this moment in time.

(Ya girl is hurting for cash and will be transitioning my life into the Call Girl profession within the next month or so). 

I feel like I have learned so much this year and I am so grateful, dude. It's not too common that you meet someone who is so willing to take the time and help you learn something. I really appreciate her help.

Again - I have been feeling so inspired, and lucky. 

Thank you all for supporting me and reading my illusory posts.


Okay, baaaiiii!!