Sweet baby angel friends


What the fuck is up, my dudddes!? Everything is super chill with me. I did have like the weirdest night of my life on Wednesday though.

So I have a full-time job where I'm a personal assistant and it's great. But I've also been working at this bar on Thursdays which has been super chill also. One of the guys who works there had his birthday on Wednesday, and I was literally just going to have a beer, drop some brownies and be done with it.

Well... that's not what happened. I ended up drinking way more than I though too quickly I guess and BLLLAAACKKKKEDDD out. Like more than I ever have. I literally don't remember a single thing. Thankfully this guy who I've been seeing that lives a few blocks away had come to say "hi" and must have taken care of me (which I feel like shit about because I really do try to be responsible and like to be the only one who has to worry about me). But I woke up at his house (on his couch LAWL) that next morning. Thank GOD I had a fucking alarm set on my phone so I wasn't late for work, but I did feel like shit and literally came down with a cold because of my trash decision, but whatever IT'S ALL A LEARNING EXPERIENCE!!

An experience which I sure hope I don't relive. 

Also - please keep in mind that that sweet angel who was taking care of me is the same guy who I have drunk texted/called far more times than I ever should have for him to have to take care of me, so if you're reading this (which he isn't) THANK YOU!!!

And as a reminder to all of my other stupid 20-something peers; always watch your drink. If you were away from it - don't drink it. Being safe is worth the fucking $9.50 for a new tequila sunrise. 


Okay, baaaiiiii