Hey sugarplum babies!!!

I hope that y'all all had a really happy and spooOOoOooOky Halloween!! My actual Halloween night was incredibly lonely and quiet until I filled the room with re-runs of the Pete Holmes show that I was watching on YouTube (a perfect Halloween, yes). It was quite the juxtaposition to my Hallo-Weekend where I literally got kicked out of a party for having a threesome in a strangers room who was extremely displeased (but like, fucking WORTH - it was super rad). So it's definitely been a really eventful week.

Work has been stressful, but i feel productive and good about it, so I'm for sure happy with that. I actually haven't been unhappy with work since I have gotten here. I feel really grateful for that. 

My OTHER work that I have been doing is my little baby cookie company. I honestly don't know if I am legally allowed to call it a "company" because I obviously don't have like regulations or an LLC or whatever, but I'm gonna go ahead and continue because I'm pretty proud of it, honestly.

I think that my idea is cute and a lot of people seem to really take to it. I made my first delivery last weekend and it felt really special to be making money, but like the fact that someone thought that something that I MADE was worth MONEY was fucking crazy to me. I really hope that it starts to take off because if I could get this to be a thing, then like, FUCK. That would be so sick. 

Anyway - life is chill. I have some weird medical issue right now that I should PROBABLY figure out, but who knows if I'm gonna do that. Will keep you updated for sure.


Okay, baaaiiii!!!