Pissed pissed pissed

So, I may have mentioned before... maybe I didn't, I don't know. I honestly haven't really re-read my entries BECAUSE I'M LIVING THEM, but anyway.

He had faaat trust issues. Which is fair - he had had rough relationships in the past, been cheated on, etc. I had (have) major insecurity issues and ass you could imagine this really, really, REALLY influenced our relationship and the way that things went down. 

With this knowledge, as you could imagine, there were a few guys in my life that he wasn't super comfortable with. I was jealous of a couple of girls, too, not the healthiest behaviors, but shut up we're like 22. 

ANYWAY. There's this girl that he knows I do not like (because of the stories he had told me about her, etc) and he's just going to hangout with her. Like, he couldn't even wait a week. He just wanted to see her that badly.

It makes me feel SO sad, and SO down, and so unimportant. Like jesus christ, dude. Come on.

But it's also good. One of those kicks in the ass to get over someone - you know? 

I have this really amazing woman in my life (my mom is #1 always but this lady is unreal, also). She has been someone i've talked to a lot about all of this stuff and she said the same thing. It's good that this is happening because it shows you true colors as well as just getting you to move the fuck on. 

I will be fine in a day FOR SURE, but right now, knowing that he's just itching to see this bitch suuucks. 

Okay, baaaiii.