I am feeling SOOO good today!

I keep learning these things about this guy and it's so fucking cathartic, dude. He is literally a steaming pile of old trash that never got taken out because it's verbally abusive (I'm not great at similes). 

I want to talk all about how he berates people to then bring them up so they feel like they rely on him for good feelings but WHY would I do that when I feel FREE for the first time in a year?!

This life is so fucking cool, we have so much shit to experience. Don't waste your time on abusive relationships of any kind (we'll have a whole like "real-talk" blog about this soon if my HUGE FOLLOWING wants it.) But, like, shit dude. Live your life. Get the fuck out. Go to Chicago for a weekend to hangout with a guy you met two days ago. Who fucking cares. 

I'm feeling good, I am so HAPPY. 

Okay, baaaiiii.