It's okay to not be okay.

Cliche as fuck. I know, but really. You're allowed to miss someone that was shitty. You're allowed to feel like trash and be sad even if someone really hurt you and it was their fault that things ended. Your feelings are so important. You're literally a bundle of feelings that's directing around a pile of meat. Do not beat yourself up about crying over a cheating / trash person / loser. Because at some point this was one of the most important people in your life. 

This post isn't really about me. Yes, of course my breakup has been really hard, but my best friend is also going through it. This fucking piece of work took a bite out of her heart, chewed it up, spit it out, shit on it and threw it off of a building. 

I hate this guy, dude. I would be so stoked if I never heard his name again and he disappeared of the face of the earth. 

Because listen; this girl. HILARIOUS, brilliant, talented, unique, friendly, bubbly, bright and shiny. She is the most personally advanced and mature person I know and even she is dealing with missing a guy who never deserved her. And that is okay. It's so important to live in how you feel, little babies. 

Take those feelings. Tell them that they are allowed to come along for the day, or the week. You will know when to let it go and be happy again. You deserve to be happy. Your feelings have nothing to do with this other person. You are capable of everything and more without this person that hurt you, just don't push feelings away, okay?

I love you guys. You'll be fine. I swear. Literally everyone will always be okay.

And to one of my very good and old friends. I love you to death, and so does your wonderful Dad. He's looking down at you with a smile, but I'm so fucking sorry you've got to deal with this.

Okay, baaaiiii.